The Enjoyment That Comes From Working With a Great Community.

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What a wonderful feedback from the members of the PMO Global Alliance community! I love you all. Take care and stay safe, you and your loved ones during these volatile and uncertain times. Life is stronger than a virus. You form such an exciting and valuable community!

The PMO Global Alliance Community

PMO GLOBAL ALLIANCE is indeed a global community of professionals with a common interest in the PMO (Project Management Office) topic. Members are PMO leaders, PMO members, Executives, Consultants, Teachers, Students, Project Managers.

An Old Story

Why such an interest for Portfolio, Program, Project, or even Product Management Offices and Officers? Simply because PMOs are adding a tangible and recognized value to any organization prepared to set up, develop, and work with a top notch PMO.

I remember a sad story that happened to a PMO several years ago. A Senior Vice President once nicknamed in public “pousse-café” (in French) or “coffee runner” one of his PMOs. He used to consider a PMO as a mere meeting facilitator. A PMO was limited in his mind to making sure coffee and pastries were served on time at the beginning of each meeting. He even required that this PMO (who resigned shortly afterwards) had to leave a strategy management board meeting a few minutes before starting to animate the meeting on the grounds that the strategy was confidential.

A Great Opportunity

But a PMO is not a “paper tiger” nor a division on the side telling people what to do. On the contrary, a PMO is there to help project owners execute and deliver resources to the best of their ability. And everyone knows how challenging it is for the project management community to be successful in our complex world.

The PMO of the above story was right to leave a VP who did not want to consider his added value. Do not stay close to anyone acting like Procrustes.

An organization delivers successfully its mission through the combination of both operational excellence and project management excellence.

And a seasoned PMO brings valuable knowledge and experience in supporting the development of the right techniques (and they are numerous and complex) in project management, the right type of leadership, and the human dynamics required to make the project stakeholders work together in the best possible manner.

Back to the PMO Global Alliance

PMO GLOBAL Alliance mission is to support the professional development of its members through mutual support, networking, advanced research and an intensive exchange of experiences.

I have joined this community several years ago. And I can tell you that I find many extraordinary benefits in being part of this community:

  • Learning about innovative practices for PMOs, broadening my knowledge and evolving in my career.
  • Accessing and sharing successful experiences with PMO professionals worldwide.
  • Expanding my network in a vast international community of PMO professionals as well as many CEOs, Strategic Initiative Sponsors and leaders, Portfolio Managers, just to cite a few.

Join Us

Do you want to learn how this PMO Global Alliance can transform your PMO? Join us. You will not be disappointed.

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