Never Give Up: Success Can Come At Any Time

Many ask : “I am not recognized in my PMO role. What should I do?”
I went through the same issue several times. Here are 7 actions that made me overcome such situations.

1 – Do not fear to fail. Learn from failures. Yet, avoid ruin, and beware of success.

2 – Be thoroughly stakeholder-centric. Identify each of your stakeholders and recognize their personal needs and their business expectations. Do your best to answer them.

3 – Find and stay in the environment of great leaders. But, leave as soon as possible mediocre ones. Never get into a “bed of Procrustes” (a symbol of conformism and standardization).

4 – Do not hide behind your computer. Bring around you numerous talents of all sorts. Animate their community.

5 – Get the most possible great opportunities to grow through a variety of exposures (sizes, domains, regions, complexity…)

6 – Stay ahead of the wave. The universe is accelerating. Go beyond the technical, business, and leadership capabilities by studying complexity sciences, quirky strategies, and human dynamics.

7 – Never give up. Learn and practice all sorts of methods and tools. Understand what works best where. Search for advice from others. And put your skin in the game.

To your continued success


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