Drawing on complexity sciences, strategic thinking, and human dynamics, discover real life stories of PMOs who delivered exceptional value to complex projects, programs, and portfolios in a VUCA world.

These stories give you exciting postures, methods, and tools that will make you become high-impact. You will deliver value, benefits, and impact much higher than with the sole traditional approaches to project management.

In more than 100 engaging chapters, explore and learn key capabilities that will make you navigate in the most complex environments.

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Coverage includes:

·      Identify key characteristics of complexity in projects, programs, and portfolios

·      Use recent findings of complexity sciences

·      Deal with nonlinearities

·      Surf on transitions, bifurcations, and avalanches

·      Synchronize with the four phases of a thermodynamic cycle applied to projects

·      Adapt to the unpredictability of complex systems

·      Understand power laws and tail effects

·      Why time seems to accelerate

·      Search the optimum between planning and agility

·      Mix direct and indirect strategies

·  ·   Benefit from serendipity in projects

·     Mobilize people with great causes

·      Avoid the Procrustean bias, as well as several other biases

·      Build a buddy system

·      Evaluate your PMO spans of control

·      Bridge cultural gaps in your community

·      Analyse your networks and build a strategy of alliance

·      Favor paths to tipping points in technology adoption

·      Evolve from a junior PMO role to an Enterprise PMO role

To your continued success!

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