Help Your Transformation Get Off the Ground

Very often a transformation stagnates or, worse, seems to fail during its early developments. And this may be really frustrating. But did you know that you can help your  transformation get off the ground and deliver unexpected benefits?

In complex transformations, uncertainty is indeed the norm. Observed past probabilities do not apply to future developments. On the contrary, new phenomena emerge. During the course of action, ups and downs are frequent.

Our natural tendency is too often to sweat through large losses and to take small profits. We all understand how difficult it is to stop a failing initiative, and how tough it is to get the full benefits of a good one.

But experience from successful transformation leaders shows that they do the opposite.

What do successful transformation leaders do?

Any time great transformation leaders can take a loss, they take it. Rather, as long as they get benefits, they continue the journey.

They reduce the risks when things do not go well. They increase the risks they take when things go well.

In practice, they do this for example during frequent transformation program decision-making. They look at the potential of the situation. They evaluate its ripeness. And they adjust the options they have in hand by reshuffling their portfolio of initiatives (stop, modify, pursue).

They are thus able to support the development of the transformation until it maximizes its final state.

What is your own experience?

To your success


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