Read Real Life Stories of PMO Who Delivered Value in a VUCA World

Read real life stories of PMO who delivered exceptional value to complex projects, programs, and portfolios in a VUCA world.

Explore a variety of capabilities that will make you navigate in the most complex environments.

Coverage includes:

  • Dealing with nonlinearities
  • Surfing on transitions, bifurcations, and avalanches
  • Thriving with uncertainty and unpredictability
  • Understanding power laws and tail effects
  • Adapting your approach to the thermodynamic cycles
  • Learning direct and indirect strategies
  • Focusing on people and great causes
  • Escaping the Procrustean bias
  • Being a challenger and a coach
  • Finding your buddy
  • Bridging cultural gaps
  • Capitalizing on technology
  • Analyzing your network
  • Getting to tipping points
  • Building your Enterprise PMO

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