The Book

Did you ever ask yourself ...

… why are so many Projects, Programs and Portfolios failing to deliver their promised outputs and outcomes ?

Answer : because they deal with a growing complexity.

Examples : a huge number of intertwined stakeholders, nonlinear routes, or an irreversible acceleration of time.

In this book, Philippe Husser explores why and how new fields of knowledge can help CEOs, strategy managers, transformation program leaders better achieve their goals.

The High Impact PMO emphasizes the key role PMOs can play when they study, learn and practice three domains complementary to their existing skills : complexity sciences, roundabout strategies and human dynamics.

Readers feedback

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Robert Blommaert PMO

Robert Blommaert

Business PMO Passengers & Operations

“I’m sure this is one of those books I’ll be reflecting on for years, trying to adapt my way of work. Absolute must read for every VUCA PMO!”

Americo Pinto PMO

Americo Pinto

Chair at PMO Global Alliance

“Excellent book. Philippe is a great collaborator of the PMO Global Alliance. I highly recommend it !”

Michael Guerini PMO

Michael Guerini

Food Safety and Processing Specialist

“This is a very nicely written book that is full of very good information for the project manager who wants to provide a high impact to his/her company and team.”