9 Tips For An Agile PMO

Delivering value is a key goal for Project Management Offices. Yet, this is especially difficult in a world that becomes ever more complex. Agile Project Management Offices however succeed better than others to face this complexity challenge. Why? What makes Agile PMOs different?

Never Feel Pushed Aside and Lonely

When you are pushed aside and lonely, never give up your hopes and your dreams. Remember all great people who went through this hardship before you. Remember those who have been imprisoned Socrates (found guilty of both corrupting the minds of the youth of Athens and...

Gains, Reluctance, and Resistance in Projects

Gains and resistance in projects are common. All projects generate indeed a change in the life of many of their stakeholders. One root condition to give life to the project purpose is the program team understanding of the population attitude regarding the expected...

What Does Mao Zedong Tell to Project Managers?

Among Mao Zedong’s writings was a text he, then in his 40s, wrote right after the Long March. That was Problems of Strategy in China's Revolutionary War. Mao explained in the lessons he learned from the Long March :   [People] say that it is enough merely to...

The High-Impact PMO v5

Explore why and how network analysis, social dynamics, and technology platforms help PMOs deliver higher impacts. The version 5 of The High-Impact PMO is now published.

Success Can Come At Any Time

Many ask : “I am not recognized in my PMO role. What should I do?”. I went through the same issue several times. Here are 7 actions that made me overcome such situations.

Three Books to Read for Christmas

Here are three quirky books PMOs and Project Managers may want to read for Christmas (and maybe offer to their colleagues). I read them several times during 2018 and learned very useful knowledge.

Project Managers, Alice, and the Red Queen

“Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that !” the Red Queen tells Alice.

A Successfull PMO Learns From Hummingbirds

Creating and running a Project Management Office that consistently delivers value in our VUCA world (i.e. Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) is a challenge. Imagine now that you operate a PMO that is lean, agile, state-of-the-art, and that delivers a measurable contribution to your organization’s success. You may find that this PMO shares several characteristics with hummingbirds.

Help Your Transformation Get Off the Ground

Very often a transformation stagnates or, worse, seems to fail during its early developments. And this may be really frustrating. But did you know that you can help your transformation get off the ground and deliver unexpected benefits?

3 Laws for Anyone Leading a Transformation

Everyone leading a transformation must learn three laws: the laws of project management, the laws of transformation management and the laws of transformation management in an organization.

The Virtual Enterprise PMO: a Performance Accelerator

CEOs realize the necessity of ensuring that their leadership teams approve the right projects, aligned with their strategic goals, and that these projects deliver the expected business benefits. The responsibility for meeting these challenges rests with a Project Management Office. However, these same CEOs often hesitate to invest in a Project Management Office. Yet, there is a very effective solution. This solution is a community of decentralized part-time project management experts creating and running a virtual Enterprise PMO.

Three Secrets Value-Driven PMOs Learn and Practice

40 years of project management practice in complex environments have taught me three secrets. When absent, projects, programs, or portfolios failed to deliver their benefits. When present, they enabled success, with benefits sometimes even above expectations. Here are these three secrets.

3 Steps That Reduce Project Fatigue

All organizations need projects to execute their strategy. However, they multiply over time the number of projects they launch and realize. Thus, many mission-critical employees become overloaded by a stack of projects at different degrees of maturity. They suffer from project fatigue. The result is an overwhelming effort for change required from all employees. An Enterprise PMO can help take the weight off people’s shoulders.

A Powerful Project Portfolio Progress Report

Executives as well as all project portfolio sponsors need to make critical decisions. They need real-time forward-looking visibility on their strategic initiative or project portfolio status. Consistency in reporting this status is important. Here is the example of a progress report form that I like most.

Seven Features for PMOs That Want to Foster Tipping Points

Some features of rapid irreversible changes are referred to as tipping points. Tipping points changed my own life as a Portfolio manager, a program manager and a PMO. I wish you can also see tipping points develop in what you do. Let me explain these seven features. 1...

A Variety of Project Management Approaches

A Complexity / Uncertainty grid positions a variety of project management bodies of knowledge, frameworks, and tools according to the levels of complexity and uncertainty in their environments. Of course, no grid can describe the world. No grid will ever be perfect....

Why PMO Should Escape From the Bed of Procrustes

“The bed of Procrustes” represent situations where different lengths or sizes or properties are fitted to an arbitrary standard. Read how a PMO went into a bed of Procrustes and escaped from it. This story is an extract of the book :  The High-Impact PMO, How Agile...

Read Real Life Stories of PMO Who Delivered Value in a VUCA World

Read real life stories of PMO who delivered exceptional value to complex projects, programs, and portfolios in a VUCA world. Explore a variety of capabilities that will make you navigate in the most complex environments. Coverage includes: Dealing with nonlinearities...

The 12 Books That Enlightened My PMO Life

Managing projects in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world is not an easy task. Imagine delivering their outputs and their benefits much better than ever. By exploring the latest findings in complexity sciences, human dynamics, and advanced...

3 Secrets Successful PMOs Learn and Apply

Studying real life stories of PMOs who delivered exceptional value to complex projects, programs, and portfolios in a VUCA world taught me three secrets that enabled them. I am happy to share these three secrets that made them become High-Impact PMOs. Like the...

That PMOs Are Paper Tigers Is Simply Not True

Drawing on complexity sciences, strategic thinking, and human dynamics, discover real life stories of PMOs who delivered exceptional value to complex projects, programs, and portfolios in a VUCA world. These stories give you exciting postures, methods, and tools that...

Why PMOs Are Comparable to Hummingbirds (Part II – Linguistics)

Hummingbirds, PMOs, and Linguistics In my previous article, we have shared why the hummingbird is a symbol of an agile PMO. Today, we will discover one more characteristic: vocal learning, i.e. the ability to acquire vocalizations through imitation.  Analyzing the way...

Why Agile PMOs Are Comparable to Hummingbirds

A few years ago, I have been given the chance to become the PMO of an exciting program. My wonderful boss proposed that we use the name Hummingbird for one of the most important initiatives of this program. The hummingbird is for me the very symbol of what is an agile...


Can and Should a PMO Be Agile? Becoming an agile PMO is a hot topic today in an ever more complex and fast changing world. There is no doubt that reality shows PMOs looking like horses and PMOs looking like squirrels. Both have value. However both do not add the same...


If too many projects fail to deliver their promises, project practitioners, project leaders, and especially PMOs can make their projects better succeed when they draw on human dynamics. Among them, 3 are most important: developing a people-oriented project cause,...

Only an Indirect Approach Works in a Complex World

An indirect approach helps project practioners navigate complexity with more chance of success than direct approaches that too often fail to cope with uncertain and volatile environments. [This article is inspired by the book: "The High-Impact PMO, How Can Agile PMO...

Become an Agile High Impact PMO in a Complex World

This article reviews how you can become an agile high impact PMO in a complex world. It is the new version of an article I wrote July, 24 on LinkedIn and that got some success. It takes now into account the numerous comments I have received from LinkedIn members since...