The High Impact PMO

How do complexity sciences, indirect strategies and human dynamics advance project management at new levels of performance ?

What are the secrets of successful Project Management Officers ?

The High Impact PMO has already transformed the lives of a multitude of PMOs, as well as Strategy, Portfolio, Program, Project managers in many countries around the world.

And it can transform you.

In this book, I draw upon the three domains of knowledge I studied and practiced most closely : complexity sciences, indirect strategies and human dynamics, to show how they advance project management at a new level of performance.

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About the Author

Philippe Husser is a Change Maker with over 40 years of experience in Transformation Programs in a varitery of Global 500 manufacturing companies, including the PSA Group, Safran Aircraft Engines, Airbus Space Systems, SFIM and Michelin.

His work is focused on complexity sciences, innovative strategy management systems, and human dynamics.

He is now mentoring PMOs willing to create a bigger impact in complex environments.